Born in 1989, Arpea is a French-Italian artist based in Paris. Self-taught, he was raised in a family of art collectors and dealers, and was naturally drawn to an artistic career path. His paintings are semi-figurative and executed in a minimalist style with a bright and pastel palette color.

The imagery in Arpea’s work is derived from his personal archive of snaps taken from global travels, and experiences he’s shared with family and friends. Rather than exact re-creation, Arpea depicts the feeling of a captured moment, taking liberties by emphasizing texture, brushstrokes and color, whilst manipulating perspective.

In this new series, Arpea’s vibrant still life and landscape paintings feature tranquil domestic settings, textural floral arrangements, sidewalks and beach views, thus celebrating the beauty in the banal.

In his exquisite minimalist style, Ben Arpea’s artworks exude a sense of casual comfort and harmony and pay a happy and colorful tribute to everyday life.